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Eradicating the Opioid Epidemic
Because of the current epidemic of Opioid usage not only across the United States but right here in our own backyard, the Youth Care Center and Medso, LLC is creating an awareness campaign
to get the community involved in helping to fight this battle. We have all been touched by the epidemic in on way or another.
The fight start here:

  • Creating an awareness and providing a solution together as a community
  • Psychiatric Services, Precision Medicine, Workforce Development, Recovery Housing, Family Assistance
  • This is an opportunity for Maryland to come together and take a stand against this disease.
  • The fight starts when the community and its leaders come together.
  • Join us for a day of fun, food and community fellowship as we prepare for the fight ahead of us.

The Youth Care Center and Medso LLC., have come together to bring the “Maryland In Motion© Community Outreach Festival” to the tri-county area (Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset). To start,
the first annual festival will be held in Worcester County and will be comprised of nearby communities, retailers, vendors, medical and health resources, non-profit organizations, educational
resources, and more coming together to give back to the community. It will also be a day filled with fun, food, sporting events, music, arts and crafts for all to enjoy.
This event will be held on May 26 th , 2018 on the grounds at Byrd Park in Snow Hill, Maryland from 10am til 5pm.

The “Maryland In Motion©” Community Outreach Festival is designed to promote awareness regarding the “Opioid Crisis” debilitating our community and this nation. Both the YCC and Medso,
LLC want to work with the community leaders and the community to create a solution for this problem. This will be a day of fun, education, and togetherness. The Youth Care Center and its
associates know that this day cannot happen without YOU, the ones that shape our communities with your leadership and involvement. We would greatly appreciate your involvement in what
will be a wonderful day for our community.

This is only one of many community outreach programs that the Youth Care Center and Medso, LLC plan to host over the next year. Maryland In Motion© has been invited to the University of
Maryland Eastern Shore to participate in their Spring Festival in April to create an awareness with its students of the ongoing opioid crisis. We are also planning to not only tackle the Maryland
area but also Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, California, Kentucky, Georgia

The department of Health and Human Services has identified “Opioid use Disorder” as a national crisis. In October 2017, President Trump declared it a national emergency. The governors of
Alaska, Arizona, Florida, and Maryland issued a public emergency in 2017 while the state of Virginia declared an emergency in 2016.
According to the most recent CDC , West Virginia has the highest age adjusted opioid death rate with a rate of 36 out of every 100,000 people. The rate of deaths from opioid overdoses in West
Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are all above the national average. Ohio follows West Virigina with approximately 22 deaths for every 100,000 people. Kentucky 20 and Pennsylvania
10.5. Also, they showed the rate of overdose deaths relating to fentanyl has elapsed those relating to heroin.
According to the American Family Physcicians, March 1, 2008 edition, the article Buprenorphine Therapy for Opioid Disorder states although most family physicians prescribed opioids, few
prescribe buprenorphine Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT). This barrier to patients access is particularly stark in rural areas.
Here are a few examples of the current issues facing Maryland and the country:

According to the Maryland Department of Health, here are some examples of the death increase from 2016 to 2017:
Intoxication: +186
Opioid Related: +157
Heroin: +56
Fentanyl: +422
Carfentanil: +57
Prescription: +11
Cocaine: +142

Deaths resulting from recent ingestion or exposure to alcohol or other types of drugs, including heroin, prescription opioids, prescribed and illicit forms of fentanyl (Including carfentanil),
cocaine, benzodiazepines, phencyclidine(PCP), methamphetamines and other prescribed and unprescribed drugs.

Event Sponsor

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About YCC

  • The Youth Care Center (YCC) is a nonprofit 501 ( c ) (3) organization established in March of 2006. Its serving area is the Eastern Shore from Kent County, DE, South Accomack County, VA,
    Queen Annes County, MD and Prince Frederick, Calvert, and St Mary’s County of southern Maryland. The YCC mission is to Serve as a resource and advocate for those in need of hope
    and courage to thrive in wholeness of body, mind, and spirit;
  • Promote empowerment through compassionate education, enhancing the ability to make healthy choices; and
  • Provide leverage and support, preparing for and enabling active participation in community with confidence, purpose, and power.

YCC’s philosophy is a client-centered, service-oriented provider of programs and specialized offerings designed to help participants discover their talents, exercise their strengths, and
reach their full potential. We view each client as whole at the outset of the relationship. YCC reflects that vision of wholeness in a strong container of empathy, compassion, attention,
and regard. Our participants learn the skills they need to prepare them for carrying their gifts into the world with confidence. We meet our clients exactly where they are and teach them
to see within themselves who they are—empowered, skilled, uniquely gifted, and highly valued members of community worthy of joy and a high quality of life.


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Maryland In Motion Agenda

9:00 am –9:06 am Shawn Johnson—Welcome
– Opening Prayer Pastor Joe L. Poe
– Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
– Anthem Preformed by Carl Sally

9:07 am –9:14 am The Honorable Charlie Dorman Mayor, Village of Snow Hill
9:15 am—9:40 am Intro FunFitness -Kenya Day
9:45 am—10:15 am Introduce/Demonstration Stryko
10:20 am –11:00 am Words about the current crisis in Maryland
11:00 am –11:45 pm FunFitness –Kenya Day
12:00 pm -12:25 pm Announcements of Sponsors Break—Lunch—Prayer —Pictures with Guests
12:25 pm –1:30 pm Tony Watson Trio & Special Guest Carl Sally
1:30 pm –1:55 pm FunFitness –Kenya Day
1:55 pm –2:00 pm DJ Music –Announcements
2:00 pm –2:25 pm Stryko Demonstration
2:25 pm –2:30 pm Introduction of Shawn Johnson & Michele Washington
2:30 pm –2:55 pm Funfitness –Kenya Day
2:55 pm—3:00 pm Final Announcements
3:00 pm –3:15 pm Gather All People Around Stage for Final Video
3:15 pm –4:45 pm Jimmy Charles Concert
4:45 pm –5:00 pm Closing Announcements
Event at the Berlin Fire Hall
7:15 pm Doors Open “Comedy & Jazz”
7:30 pm –9:00 pm Guy Torry-Steve Wilson –Mike Hill
9:00 pm –9:20 pm Carl Sally—Saxophonist
9:30 pm—10:45 pm Tony Watson Trio
10:30 pm –11:00 pm Closing and Final Remarks

**Mike Hill—Master of Ceremony