Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

YCC offers positive youth development, family involvement programs, alternatives to detention, and a community re-entry component. YCC programs are designed to offer restorative practices and new opportunities to build a stronger community.

Participants are offered comprehensive programs through a strength-based model which ultimately creates a safer community. Participants are held accountable and given opportunities to change negative behavior and circumstances into positive ones.

PRP Screening Form
Enrollment Application: Online Application

Referral Form: Online Referral Form

Admission Criteria:

Enrollment application required.
If the applicant is a minor, servcies must be referred by a Mental Health Provider.

Additional Information:

Insurance: Medicare and Medicaid accepted. Other insurance may be accepted as non-participating or "Out of Network", and you may be required to pay a copay fee.

Referral Form Required. Open to adults and children.

Program Contact: Mr. Shawn Johnson
Phone: 443-914-2922