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Youth Care Center, Inc. (YCC) is a nonprofit agency servicing youth and families throughout the State of Maryland. All YCC programming is considered accessible. YCC has formed partnerships with local and private agencies such as local school districts, Department of Health and Human Services, Wrap Around, Mental Health Association, and the Department of Juvenile Services. YCC is a program that is in direct response to the growing number of young involved in the criminal justice system and lack of supports for their families. YCC has responded to the needs of youth in the criminal justice system through programs such as Alternative to Detention, community-based, in-home, and mentoring. All YCC programs provide needed skills to transition youth to be productive members of society in adulthood. YCC will focus primarily on middle and high school youth. Currently, the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services youth are represented with a majority age 15-18 years old. Each program has specific criteria and the criteria is determined through the partnership between the granters and YCC. YCC conducts an informal analysis for each program to track gaps in services, recidivism, and community strengths. YCC has created a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to youth, parents, and community providers. The Youth Care Center Mission YCC's mission is to: Serve as a resource and advocate for those in need of hope and courage to thrive in wholeness of body, mind, and spirit; Promote empowerment through compassionate education, enhancing the ability to make healthy choices; and Provide leverage and support, preparing for and enabling active participation in community with confidence, purpose, and power. YCC's philosophy is a client-centered, service-oriented provider of programs and specialized offerings designed to help participants discover their talents, exercise their strengths, and reach their full potential. We view each client as whole at the outset of the relationship. YCC reflects that vision of wholeness in a strong container of empathy, compassion, attention, and regard. Our participants learn the skills they need to prepare them for carrying their gifts into the world with confidence. We meet our clients exactly where they are and teach them to see within themselves who they are-empowered, skilled, uniquely gifted, and highly valued members of community worthy of joy and a high quality of Iife.
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About the The Youth Care Center, Inc. The Youth Care Center, Inc. (YCC) is a 501c(3) nonprofit agency servicing youth and families throughout the State of Maryland. We offer positive development programs designed to equip our clients' with resources and personal skills to navigate life on an "even playing field." Click here to contact us.
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