Shawn Johnson The YCC organization is led by its founder, Mr. Shawn Johnson, Executive Director. Mr. Johnson will serve as the Program Director for the PRP programs. Mr. Johnson has 25 plus years in the field of human services. Examples of his employment have included work as a Family Services Coordinator with the school system (Judy Center); Caseworker for Go-Getters (serving adults with chronic mental illness); Running several residential group homes for children who lived with developmental disabilities and a Resident Advisor for the Department of Juvenile Justice. Through YCC, Mr. Johnson has directed a Mentor program that served over 200 youth and their families. He added the clinical component to his mentoring which led to YCC being recognized as one of the top programs for mentoring in the state and receiving one of the highest reimbursement rates. YCC has collaborated with the Board of Education, NASA and the Ward Museum to offer summer camp experiences for children who wouldn't ordinarily have such an experience. YCC has worked with professional athletes to give their young people an opportunity to meet and greet as well as to participate in free athletic camps. Mr. Johnson is widely connected to the community as exampled by the fact that he has been appointed to several boards, including the Workforce Alliance for "Children Mental Health Matters" since 4-2014; Drug Free Wicomico Workforce, since 12-2015; Worcester County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board since 2-2016; and Coastal Bays Advisory Board since 10-2015. It should also be noted that in 2003, Mr. Johnson was appointed as a Main Council Member to the Maryland Parent Advisory Council by the then Superintendent of Schools, Nancy Grasmick. Mr. Johnson has founded three free community programs, Hoops for Christ, Dad Care and Health for Teens where he reaches out to troubled individuals with productive solutions to their problems. Mr. Johnson is currently working with a group of Ocean City hotel owners who are seeking employees and Mr. Johnson intends to launch this through his YCC program. He will call this his "Workforce Development Program" and connect clients who need employment with these employers. This would also be perfect for the Adult PRP clients who need employment opportunities. Governor Larry Hogan has included Mr. Johnson with a group of organizations targeted to implement the Somerset County Strategic Plan. Mr. Johnson has engaged some of the individuals in the town of Crisfield in completing mock interviews to improve their skills in job acquisition. YCC will be heavily involved in helping with the coordination of transportation for individuals who need jobs in Somerset County.
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