Parent Mentoring 
Parents are provided with a qualified parent mentor to provide guidance. Parent mentors set goals with parents and help the parents define what is needed to provide a safe and secure home for the family. Family activities/homework is given for each family. Enrollment Application Referral Form Admission Criteria: Enrollment application required. Additional information: Insurance: Medicare and Medicaid accepted. Other insurance may be accepted as non-participating or "Out of Network" and you may be required to pay a copay fee. Program Contact: Shawn Johnson 443-914-2922
About the The Youth Care Center, Inc. The Youth Care Center, Inc. (YCC) is a 501c(3) nonprofit agency servicing youth and families throughout the State of Maryland. We offer positive development programs designed to equip our clients' with resources and personal skills to navigate life on an "even playing field." Click here to contact us.
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