Bringing accessible tablets to incarcerated people in correctional facilities

The Department of Corrections (DOC) provides tablets to the people housed in Minnesota’s state correctional facilities.

These tablets aim to strengthen bonds between incarcerated populations and their friends, family, and the community. For those incarcerated, secure electronic devices provide further access to:

  • rehabilitative program content,
  • religious content,
  • important department updates, and
  • ease of access to staff communications and processes.

Additionally, these devices provide positive leisure activities, such as games, movies, and books. The DOC expects high-quality and accessible products for our users.

From the start, the DOC committed to upholding the state standard to make information accessible to all people living in state facilities. We are seeking to build a tablet system that meets the state digital accessibility standard for all incarcerated users and want to share how we are making this a reality.

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